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Buying and selling your home

Here at Atkinson Firth, we like to keep things plain and simple for you because we understand that buying or selling your home is one of the biggest financial commitments you will ever make and therefore stressful enough. Our awareness of this fact enables us to act on your behalf with the same degree of importance.

Our property Solicitors do their very best for all of our clients to ensure that they understand what's going on and when and why, so any worrying is kept to a minimum.

Atkinson Firth will provide you with a full estimate of costs from the outset as we understand that you need to budget this into the overall costs of moving. We will also be happy to give you initial advice to help you understand the implications, the procedure and best course of action, before deciding to go ahead.

In addition to dealing with your sale and purchase, our team of Solicitors are also able to deal with the following:


Switching to a better mortgage product? We can assist with a smooth transition qucikly and efficiently.

Transfers of equity

Whether your adding or removing someone from the ownership of the property and whether it is for reasons of tax planning or as a result of a matrimonial breakdown, our team can advise and assist you with such transfers.

Property trusts

Thinking of the future early on can be a wise move.  We can assist with property trusts to minimise risks to your most valued asset and to your children's potential inheritance!

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