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Children in care & adoption

Assistance for parents, grandparents, carers of children and other relatives with social services

Where social services have become involved with a child we are able to provide expert advice and assistance. Legal advice at this difficult time is necessary; particularly if social services have taken or are considering court proceedings to remove a child from your/your family’s care and into foster care. We have a team of specialist solicitors in this area of law and are able to advise you of the best way forward. We are able to assist you at all stages of involvement with your family from the first contact to court proceedings. Legal aid is automatically available in most cases for parents or other relatives/carers who hold parental responsibility.

Assistance for children in court proceedings

Children involved in court proceedings often require their own expert representation.
Our specialist solicitors can represent such children through a guardian, who is usually appointed during the court process. Often we act for children directly and are able to tailor advice in an age appropriate way. In private law disputes we are able to represent children who have been made parties to the proceedings. We focus on the best interests of the children concerned and strive to obtain the best possible outcomes.

If you are a young person who would like to discuss the help and assistance we can provide in a court case, feel free to email us or request a call back.


If you are considering adopting a child, whether the child is a relative or not, we have specialist expertise covering a wide range of issues; including acting for step parents who seek to adopt their step child or a foster carer wishing to adopt a child for whom they care.

Other children matters

We are able to provide assistance for disputes about children which do not involve social services; for example a disagreement about where a child should live or what contact they should have with a parent. Please refer to the Divorce & relationship breakdown section of our website.

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